Contestant organization: 
ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc.
Venture partners: 

Angus Power, Koenig and Consultants Inc., ReGenerate Biogas Inc., Riepma Consultants Inc., Toronto Zoo

Describe your venture: 

ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc. is a non-profit renewable energy co-operative that is developing a 500 kW community-owned biogas plant on the grounds of the Toronto Zoo, turning the Zoo's annual manure output and food waste from GTA-based grocery stores into electricity, heat, fertilizer and cash for the Zoo.The bulk of the capital needed for the project will be raised from Zoo members and local citizens who support our mission via the issuance of Community Bonds. This allows the project to be controlled by those it will have the greatest impact on, while also allowing individual investors to support the local environment with their retirement portfolios.ZooShare is helping Toronto on a number of levels - greenhouse gas emission reductions of over 10,000 tonnes per year, reduced risk of groundwater contamination from manure at the site, reduced waste to landfill, financial contributions to the Zoo of at least $50,000 for the next 20 years. The heat produced by the generator will be provided free-of-charge for use in a future greenhouse, which may be used to grow feed for animals, allowing the Zoo to realize additional cost savings.ZooShare's mission is to be the catalyst for the growth of community-owned biogas plants through education and investment. Visitors to the site will get a chance to get an up-close look at an operational biogas plant, and learn more about the benefits of the technology and community power in general, while annual surpluses will be re-invested in other community-owned biogas plants, exponentially increasing the positive impact we can make.

Emissions reduction potential: 

Through the safe processing of over 3,000 tonnes of Zoo manure and 12,000 tonnes of grocery waste, net greenhouse gas emission reductions will be over 10,000 tonnes per year - the equivalent of taking over 1800 cars off the road. Enough clean energy will be produced to power approximately 500 homes each year, reducing demand for fossil-fuel based electricity sources like coal and natural gas. In addition, because ZooShare will be located in the GTA, the grocery store waste will have to travel at least an hour less than it currently does to be processed, thereby reducing emissions from the diesel trucks used for waste transportation. Furthermore, if/when the adjacent greenhouse is built, it will use little to no natural gas for heating purposes as 'waste heat' from the plant will be used instead.

The team: 

Daniel Bida, CFA - Executive Director. Daniel has nearly 10 years experience in the energy industry, first as a sustainability and financial analyst and then as president of ReGenerate Biogas Inc. - a dedicated developer of community-owned biogas plants.Clare Riepma, P. Eng. (Riepma Consultants Inc.) Clare is one of Canada's foremost authorities on biogas and has successfully built and commissioned 5 plants in Ontario and 1 in British Columbia. Clare is responsible for ZooShare's renewable energy approval (REA) and plant design and development in conjunction with Angus Power.John Hawkes (Angus Power). John has over 35 years experience installing and servicing power plants from 2 to 50 MW in size. As the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for ZooShare, Angus Power will be responsible for executing our plans and making our dreams a reality.Jean Sawaya (Angus Power). Jean has over 25 years experience in managing power generation project development, engineering and construction on gas-fired and renewable energy projects. He will be managing the project's development once it enters into Engineering and Construction phase.Ingo Koenig, MBA, PhD (Koenig and Consultants Inc.) Ingo brings over 15 years experience in the development of community power projects to ZooShare and was responsible for writing the business plan and building the financial model. He continues to contribute to the general management and administration of the co-op going forward.Christine Koenig, PhD (Koenig and Consultants Inc.) Christine brings her experience from multiple sectors including biotechnology and life sciences as a sustainability and marketing professional. She is managing ZooShare's marketing and communications.

Seeking collaborators: 
Potential collaborators should contact : 
Daniel Bida - daniel@zooshare.ca
How will you ensure your project is self supporting within five years?: 

ZooShare's return on investment will be approximately equal to 14% - it will be self supporting upon successful commissioning as a result of revenues from power sales and tipping fees that are over $1.2 million per year.

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