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Challenge. Cars with fossil fuel internal combustion engine are the main contributor of climate change. Therefore one of the urgent matters to address the challenge is to have more Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road with zero emissions. Almost all major car manufacturers now have started to make electric cars, hybrid or all electric, and public awareness in electric car is growing fast. But the cost of buying EVs is still discouraging. Infrastructure of the charging system comes painfully slow lagging behind the electric cars made available on the market. Vision. The Age of Electric Vehicle, EV Age, is upon us. Ownership of an electric vehicle now, however, is generally prohibitive. There is an interim measurement in the ownership of EVs: EV Conversion. Internal combustion cars can be converted to electric vehicles. Present conversion trend is in the hands of hobbyists. No serious conversion auto garage exists in the industry. There is a sufficient market that trained conversion mechanics can serve, hence the creation of EV Conversion Technologies is proposed.EV Conversion Technologies. Bench mark technology for the EV conversion comes from Leo Motors, Inc. of South Korea (www.leomotors.com) with that EVCT will alliance for the venture. Leo Motors EV technologies have developed over 10 years and claim to have the most advanced technology in the industry in all components of EV locomotion. They are in the forefront of electric battery system as well with their zinc-air on-board charging device, eliminating limitation of running range problem associated with electric car battery. This battery on-board charging system will overcome the lack of infrastructure of charging service. A small but experienced auto repair service in Mississauga, called 5-10 Auto Repair, will partner with EVCT. The following EV Conversion Pilot Project will be carried out at the partner’s repair shop. A team of the conversion technicians from Leo Motors will join in the effort of the pilot project and beyond. There will be separate Marketing and Information Department to handle business expansion.EV Conversion Pilot Project. To prove the viability of the 100% electric conversion technology in terms of cost/benefit, two electric car conversion works will be initiated within the budget of $50,000: One small car for AutoShare and a minivan delivery car for LITTER-LESS LUNCH, both of them operating out of Toronto. Conversion technicians from the Leo Motors EV company will carry out the conversion job with special conversion kids at the auto repair garage in Mississauga. The special conversion kits are claimed to give the EVs higher performance in per-charge range (250km), passing power (160k/h), hill-climbing power (power mode) and charging time. The EV battery is claimed to have best performance in the industry. The converted electric cars will be tested, licensed and insured for delivery. Report of evaluation for the two converted EVs will be made available. This pilot project will justify investment in view of expanded service in the near future.Economic Scale of EV Conversion Business. There is a great interest among old car owners who want to convert their cars to EVs if it’s cheaper to do so. This is the best way to give a new life to old cars that have passed a soundness measure of remaining life of the old car. The conversion technologies employed for the venture will be able to handle an expected surge of the interest among old car owners. Besides private car owners, fleet operators like bus, taxi, rental cars, couriers, delivery services, governments and industries that have a large pool of cars are the good targets for conversion business to save their vehicle operating costs.EV Technology Alliances. There are a number of alliances in this venture: ClimateSpark contest applicant, Leo Motors Inc, 5-10 Auto Repair and investor(s). EV Society of Canada may stand as an adviser. The venture may have an opportunity to import Leo’s eBikes. There is also eBox that can be marketed for renewable small green energy industry and any other power vehicles (trucks) and home use.EV Conversion Club. A social website will be developed for electric vehicle owners and would-be owners to exchange experience and ideas. It is also information website for EV converters to help make EV ownership decision. 

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Each 100% electric car will have zero emission rate. Each EV car has a potential to eliminate 10 MT of pollutants per year.

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5-10 Auto RepairWar On WasteA foreign EV company,City of TorontoElectric Vehicle Society(Electric Vehicle Society of Canada) 

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Harry Ha, harryha@sympatico.ca, 416-617-0899
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The two converted cars will be delivered to AutoShare (Kevin McLaughlin) and Litter-Less Lunch (Seema Patbari) in Toronto to evaluate the EVs who has expressed the interest. If they are satisfied with their evaluation, they may purchase or lease their relevant EV. This will be the first revenue for the venture. Based on the result of evaluation, marketing EV conversion work will be promoted for EV conversion candidates from individuals and fleet operators. eBikes and eBox may be marketed through the venture establishment that will have additional revenue source for the investment. Within first two years the EV Conversion Technologies will start to make money at which time expansion of the business will be established in other cities in Canada.EV conversion business will stay on as long as IC cars are running in the streets. The conversion may be an intermediate solution to EV ownership. It makes much sense for some to resort to conversion instead of buying new EV. It is a good way of giving a new life to old cars. Once people know about the benefit of the conversion in terms of environment and saving, there will be a big demand in the conversion business. Problem now is where to find licensed conversion auto mechanics. This is exactly what this venture is talking about.

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